This Is The Troubling Tweet Posted By Slain Terrorist Abdirahim Mohamed

Slain terrorist Abdirahim Mohamed joined Twitter in 2009 under the handle @Ababmo and only posted a total of 6 tweets. He was following 13 people who included, Heidi Montag, The White House, Nick Cannon, Larry King and Serena Williams. Relatives familiar with Abdirahim claim during his time in university he became increasingly troubled and could not concentrate well in his studies. He kept to himself and only a handful of close friends knew what was really going on in his head. At one point he might have contemplated dropping his law studies if his tweet is anything to go by.

On November 9, 2009 Abdirahim tweeted:
According to a post on the Nairobian, Abdirahim left his hostel in late 2013 claiming he was after a terrorist who was involved in the Westgate Mall Terror Attacks. Soon after he was running a gas cylinder business that was earning him a lot of money.

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