Billionaire Daughter In The Nairobi Parking Basement Drama Video Begs For Forgiveness And Asks For The Video To Be Pulled Down

It’s amazing how people do things in broad day light and expect people to turn a blind eye. Recently a video went viral showing an infuriated lady in an altercation with her companion. The whole ordeal was witnessed at a basement parking in a building in Nairobi. Bitter words were exchanged and the lady seemed like she was ready for a physical confrontation. Luckily there was a third party who intervened and helped keep the lady at bay.

Interestingly, the woman in the video contacted Robert Alai and asked for the footage to be pulled down from his page. In her statement she expressed how sorry she was and how she would never repeat anything like that again. She also mentioned that the things she said to her husband in the video are not true and it would be a big shame if her kids got to watch it.

Here is the email she sent Robert Alai.

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