This Is How Major Drama Unfolded In A Nairobi Parking Basement After A Billionaire Couple Broke Up

Yesterday in Nairobi, you might have caught a video going viral over the internet about two rich brats in what turned out to be a dramatic break up in a Nairobi parking basement. If not, you should really check it out and you will be glad you do not have kind of drama in your life. It began with the billionaire boyfriend allegedly saying that he is breaking up with the girlfriend for no good reason. This is what turned all the cords in the already infuriated woman who went all berserk and started cat fighting the young lad including smacking him mercilessly despite the efforts of a third party trying to suppress the violence. She must have wanted him to get back to his right mind but clearly, that never did the trick.

The scuffle went on, the lass started bragging how her daddy was filthy rich, and that should suffice for the lad not ditching her. The guy definitely never got the memo. The billions on his side gave him some firm ground to stand on. It is true what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Here is the video courtesy of Nairobi News:

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