This Is How Raila Odinga Is Planning To Save Gor Mahia From Its Financial Woos

Being one of the official patrons of Gor Mahia, it looks like Raila odinga finally made steps to ensure that Gor Mahia club ceases to suffer from financial difficulties. Viewed as one of the most successful clubs in Kenya, one would wonder why it does not have sponsors for the game; needless to say this is how talent is lost especially in a country where jobs are hard to come by. Instead of waiting for the club to go under, Raila Odinga took matters in his own hands and went ahead to look for sponsors all the way to India.
The deal between the Nakuru Based Good bread Kenya limited and Gor Mahia Fc is quite fair and thus for every loaf sold, a shilling of the earnings go to Gor Mahia in order for them to adequately cater for the payment of all their 27 players.

As a club that is known for utter talent in the pitch and hooliganism off the pitch, all one can hope for is that the bread does not taste awful in order for them to attain the target of 140,000 daily. This way the market will grow beyond the diehard fans and that way more youths will earn a living from their talent and love for the game.

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