Here Are Photos Of The Billionaire Couple That Broke Up In A Nairobi Basment Parking Area

Recently an epic video went viral in Kenya for all the wrong reasons. In the video, a couple is seen fighting over what seems to be infidelity. Bitter words are exchanged and at one point in the video, the lady tries to get physical with her companion. Luckily there is a third party who intervenes and tries to keep the entire situation under control. During the exchange, the infuriated lady mentions that her father is worth 20 billion and the man says that her family should be thankful to his. According to Nairobiwire, it has now been established that the couple is that of Steph Njuguna and Jeffrey Ndegwa. They belong to two of Kenya’s wealthiest families.

Yesterday, the two tried to get the video to be pulled down but it was already too little too later. Once a video goes viral on the internet it is very difficult to control who sees it and who doesn’t. The guy who took the video in the parking lot may have done the wrong thing but it probably was a long time coming. If you want to keep your issues private, then iron them out in a private area.

Here are pictures of the couple during happier times:




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