This Was What The Terror Suspect At President Uhuru’s Home Wanted To Do


According prosecutor Daniel Karuri, the man being detained as a terror suspect by the police only wanted to visit the President’s mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, at her Gatundu home. Initially the man who goes by the name Said Mirre Siyad, was thought to be surveying the home and planning an elaborate attack. However, according to the police, Mirre had approached a guard at Mama Ngina Kenyatta’s house in Gatundu and asked of her whereabouts. Other reports presented at the court show that Mirre had been admitted at the Mathari mental hospital for some time and is mentally unstable.

Following the incident Mr Mirre Siyad was interrogated by CID and Anti-Terrorism officers for an unspecified period of time. Although technically he did not trespass into the property, with the high security alert within the country nothing is being left to chance. The suspect will be detained for 15 days within which further investigations will be done to ascertain his motive and innocence.

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