Willy Paul Finally Mans Up and Unveils His Real Mother At The Groove Awards

Everyone literally living in Kenya by now is aware of all the antics that Willy Paul pulls in the name of gathering a large fun base. However one that has really taken people by surprise is the fake mother incident. This young ‘gospel’ artiste lies have no bounds, sure he has his own reasons but his conduct stinks.

From attempted rape, to stealing songs, and now to fake mother, one wonders just what excuse he had to introduce another woman as his biological mother while his real mother still wallows in poverty in Mathare 4a. Either way it seems that he has finally taken steps to rectify his bizarre behavior by honoring the woman who gave him life and accepting her in public.

At the groove awards, his mother Salome Radido was at his side, glowing from all the attention accorded to her. Interestingly it seems that in the end, Willy Paul had no reason to hide his mother. Either way as a person who thrives on controversy, who would put it past him as the source of all the drama. At the end he is one of the few who believes that all publicity is good publicity.

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