This Is How A Renowned Mp Nearly Killed A Man After Finding Him In A Bar With His Wife

A man who goes by the name Kibet Komen allegedly received a dogs beating from Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi. Apparently Komen was having drinks with Oscar Sudi’s wife at a Bar in Eldoret known as Bamboo. Sudi and his entourage of 15 men descended on Komen with kicks and viscous blows once they got into the bar. Komen didn’t even have a chance to defend himself or explain what he was doing.

Komen suffered a number of injuries and is contemplating on suing the Mp. He feels that the Mp acted unjustly since the woman in question is no longer interested in him. All he knows is that the two have a child together.

According to the Oscar Sudi, komen is pining the fight on him since he is an MP. He says he was in and out of the bar within minutes since it was too crowded for him. He goes on to say that if you are in a bar with another man’s wife and you get beaten, you should not blame anyone else other than yourself.

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