This Is The Mp Who Was Caught Pants Down After The Wife Set A Trap To Catch Him

Mp caught with pants down

Mp caught with pants down

Some men will never stop acting like teenagers. They will always keep running for what they don’t have especially when it comes to women. A renowned politician in western Kenya falls into this category. His wife having suspected that he was being unfaithful, set a trap for him. During the weekend she set him up with another woman.

The woman who posed as an old friend to the MP asked to have a meeting with him. True to his conniving unfaithful ways, the MP agreed to meet the woman in question in his office in the evening. She showed at the Mps office at around 7.30 pm as agreed and after a few drinks begun seducing him. The MP gave in but unknown to him the whole well-choreographed move was being recorded via a phone. Thirty minutes into the romance, the wife showed up and he was busted.

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