This Is Why MP George Mwiti Might Walk Away Scot-Free From The Rape Saga


When it comes to criminal investigations in Kenya it seems that people are always suspicious of justice being rendered considering how corrupt the system is. This has been the reaction of Kenyans to the rape sage involving MP, Gideon Mwiti. Many Kenyans are however in for a rude shock to what seemed to be a done closed case. Supposedly the Law maker has come up with ingenious ways of blocking the charges against him and using the law to poke holes in the case even before the trial begins.

Apparently the MP has highlighted that if the lawyers who represent the woman continue to act as prosecutors in the case that the case will be prejudiced against him and that he will not have a fair trial. He went on to quote the constitution stating the law does not provide for the lawyers to act as active respondents in law and still be prosecutors. This is double standard considering that the MPs also use this loophole to increase their allowances given that the law does not provide for it.

Considering that this is utter nonsense and many are times where family members and people themselves represent themselves in criminal cases, it is shocking that the matter is being considered. In short this means that even with the overwhelming DNA evidence against him and numerous witness accounts, the MP might get away with the heinous act just because of a loophole in law. Unfortunately with him being hell bent on making the charges disappear and considering his determination, in the end no witness will be left defending the rape victim.

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