This Is The Reason Why Safaricom Employees Were Very Shocked On Monday Morning

Monday morning brought about a huge shock to employees of Safaricom main HQ offices in Kenya. This is after the horrors of the alcoblow test jumped straight from the roads to their offices that saw all the employees take a sobriety test. Being the dominating telecommunication company in Kenya, it seems that Safaricom has taken in stride cracking down at the employees who breach their contract by ensuring that they do not go to work inebriated by alcohol.

Shocking revelation is that all had to take the test regardless of rank that saw many individuals turned away for failing the test. This avenue was implemented to make sure that all its employees stuck to the regulation of the company and did not so as much operate machinery under influence of alcohol. After the long weekend, it didn’t come as a shock when many individuals actually failed the test. With this one wonders just what will happen to this list of individuals as the saga unfolds.

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