This Is Probably The Reason Why Charles Njonjo’s Range Rover Was Parked Like This In Westlands

Charles Njonjo’s range rover was spotted in an awkward position during the weekend in Westlands. The English machine was involved in a minor accident. The accident took place somewhere between Jacaranda Hotel and the Sarit Centre. The photos gathered from the scene clearly show that the former Attorney General’s range rover was mishandled by the person driving it. There are claims that the driver might have been under the influence or simply not very careful. There is however no information on what caused the accident. It is therefore not clear whether the driver is to blame or not.

The photos clearly show the hood of the range rover over a parked car. It is very clear that the person driving the range rover was on the wrong. Luckily, there were no pedestrians on the road when the accident took place. Otherwise, this would have caused major injuries. Charles Njonjo is also lucky to have walked out of the English machine unharmed.

Here are some more photos:


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