Beyonce Suing A Kenyan Newspaper For Claiming That She Is Broke

How can Beyonce be broke? This is just impossible, regardless of which Beyonce you are talking about, right? A local newspaper has landed itself in trouble with Mombasa based events promoter and planner Julia Achieng who popularly goes by the name Beyonce.

The founder of Coast Awards is now suing the local newspaper for the claims that she is now moneyless. According to the claims, Beyonce’s valuables were seized after she was unable to pay her rent which was in arrears amounting to a staggering sh.99000.

Apparently Beyonce lived in a Kiembeni home owned by Marion Chebet for five months and did not pay rent for any of them. Marion, a Mombasa property owner, stated that the auctioneers were only able to get sh.8000 from the auction because the house had been vacated.

Beyonce nevertheless came out strongly to claim that the story has damaged her reputation and that she still lives in the house- nothing has been auctioned. The former model said that her reputation had been compromised and that she was filing the lawsuit against the newspaper for defamation as she had not been consulted for her views on the matter.

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