Here Are Some Old Shocking Photos Of Vera Sidika That She Probably Wouldn’t Want Anyone To See

Kenya’s foremost socialite Vera Sidika has the entertainment blogs busy again after pictures of her that she would rather forget surfaced on the Internet. The viral nature of the Internet space is what has prompted global stars such as Kanye West and Beyoncé to pull down some of their embarrassing pictures online. Kanye West’s famous photo of him wearing a skirt during a performance subjected him to ridicule in the hip hop community, he had the photo pulled down while Beyoncé’s pictures which surfaced undermined the superstar’s status, which made her ban photographers on her latest tour.

Maybe it is such initiatives by the famous recording artistes that Vera Sidika would rather put her past behind her regarding her image. Many Kenyans know the controversial socialite as a bootylicious and light skinned lass but when they have a peek at how the socialite once looked like they will be shocked beyond words. She has been publicly called out for being ‘fake’ by her haters and naysayers regarding her image, an image that has racked up millions of shillings and a luxurious lifestyle for the much talked about socialite.

Have a look at these:


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