This Is The Real Reason Why Women In Kisumu Are Extremely Angry At Classic 105 Radio Presenter, Nick Odhiambo

Well it seems that some of Kenyan media personalities like to put themselves in log ahead with their fans from time to time. One such person is Nick Odhiambo from Classic fm. In a seemingly naïve post, this man exposed the amount of his ignorance when he took a jab at Kisumu women which produced interesting results. In his post he actually compared women with charcoal.

Below is his post
His followers hit back at him and from all the insults he got, there is no way he didn’t get wounded. Some that stood out include aspects of him being asked if he has looked in the mirror lately and saw how he looked like a Gorilla on heat with gapping mouth and dirty hair. Others drew attention to his past scandals in the public that dubbed him a wife batter.

Regardless, being a man he should know when he should speak and no matter how sincere his comments were, whether they are true or false. As a media personality he now knows that talking without regard of consequences is a bad move. Nevertheless in all the posts, one fact is unanimous; he got exactly what he deserved!

Here are some of the posts that were directed at him:

nick odhiambo post 1

nick odhiambo post 2

nick odhiambo post 3

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