Swaleh Mdoe Goes Back On Air After His 10 Day Suspension Elapsed And His Name Was Cleared

Late last month, Citizen TV was forced to suspend some of the news anchors in the Kiswahili deck after they were accused of taking a two million bribe to kill a story. The person who apparently dished out the money was Mike Sonko who claims he had nothing to do with the incident and blames his political rivals for the rumour. Among those suspended were Swaleh Mdoe and Mwanahamisi Hamadi. This came as a huge shock to many Kenyans who usually look up to these news anchors for unbiased reports.

The suspension time which was 10 days has elapsed. Swaleh Mdoe has returned to reporting news and has also gone back to his ‘tafakari la babu’ teaser. Word had it that if any of the suspended news anchors were found guilty upon investigation they would be fired from the job. It seems Swaleh Mdoe was after all innocent since he has resumed his job. Fans can now catch up with Swaleh Mdoe every day at 7 p.m. on Citizen TV

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