Beware! This Is How Highway Robbers Are Now Faking Accidents On The Busy Nairobi-Nakuru Highway

Criminals in this country have been devising new ways of robbing unsuspecting victims. When we think that we have known all their tricks, they come up with new-fangled ways of tricking, conning and duping us. There was a time in this country when motorists could stop and offer complete strangers a lift or they could stop and help stranded fellow motorists whom they did not know but after criminals used people’s kindness to rob them, such courtesy is long gone. This is in close relation to a video that has surfaced online of highway robbers faking an accident so that they could lure innocent victims to their criminal acts.

The incident, now viral, captured by a dashboard camera, occurred along the Nairobi- Nakuru highway at Naivasha near Delamere. In the video, a man is seen dropping himself on the road in an act of simulation. This is to trick well-meaning drivers who would stop to help him thinking that he is in trouble unaware of the trick up the robbers’ sleeve. You would get chills by watching the video as the robber dropping himself on the road dangerously puts his life on the line on the sight of oncoming traffic on the usually busy highway. Drivers who may be well aware of the trick are forced to swerve to avoid hitting him also putting their lives in danger. This just goes to show how Kenyans should be careful because criminals will do anything to rob them.

Here is the video:

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