Popular Kenyan Weekly Newspaper Goes Bold And Publishes The Names Of Influential Kenyans Who Are Gay

The subject of homosexuality in Kenya has been a topic of discussion for recent weeks. A controversial ruling by the High court directing the government to register a gays and lesbians lobby group has received sharp condemnation from all quarters. This is understandable given that this country is conservative and issues to do with sex let alone homosexuality are taboo. The gay community, as they are often referred to, in Kenya are getting bolder each day with advocates for gay rights coming out and even making passionate media appearances. An example is popular writer Binyavanga Wainaina. The award winning author shocked the country when he came out and made a flurry of media appearances. He was categorical in his interviews about the presence of the gay community in Kenya and that he had no apologies to make for his sexual orientation.

Talking of Binyavanga, he appears on a list that a popular newspaper published of influential Kenyans who are gay. Their names and photos appear on the top page of the publication for all to see. The likes of massively known radio presenter Maina Kageni, top government critic and writer Makau Mutua, former anti-corruption chief John Githongo and gay rights activist Dennis Nzioka among others appeared on the list.

So far, none of those mentioned have taken legal action against the newspaper but it remains to be seen how Kenyans will react to this information.

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