Unbelievable: This Is What Made President Uhuru Kenyatta Say “Gazeti Ni Ya Kufunga Nyama”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has done it again, he has attacked the media with his popular statement “Gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama” translated to mean newspapers are good for wrapping meat. The media in Kenya has always had a complicated relationship with the government. The Moi regime was famous for intimidating the press and having the media sing to its tune, the Kibaki administration was infamously linked to the Standard Group raid when masked men working in cahoots with the government burned newspapers and seized equipment. So, when President Uhuru Kenyatta came into office it was hoped that he would support media freedom, along the way he invited journalists for tea at State House, a move that was seen as way of reaching out to the media.

But how disappointing when the current President said that newspapers are only good for wrapping meat. This statement did not reflect his commitment to supporting media freedom. He repeated this statement when he was in Bomet yesterday at a public rally. He blasted the media for writing lies about Deputy President William Ruto and the Jubilee Government. Media reports that the Deputy President is trying to embezzle 11 billion shillings meant for rehabilitation of a referral hospital have emerged with Mr. Ruto linked to several other scandals and the newspapers’ diligence to report such may have angered the regime.

Here is the video ourtesy of NTV:

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