Arrest Warrant Issued: This Is How Jeff Koinange Suddenly Became A Wanted Man In Kenya

The face of Jeff Koinange Live or JKL, Kenya’s most popular political talk show is in trouble with the law. Twittersphere was awash with concern when it emerged that Jeff Koinange had an arrest warrant hanging on his head. Yesterday, a Nairobi court held Jeff and politician Tony Gachoka in contempt of court and issued a warrant for their arrest. The whole genesis of the matter began when Tony Gachoka came on as a guest on JKL and Jeff proceeded to ask him questions about the Anglo-Leasing scandal. Tony being a firebrand politician went ahead to mention a few names deemed untouchable then when investigations into the multi-billion shilling scandal appeared to be gathering steam. Some prominent people from the past regimes had been arraigned in court and charged with fleecing the country. On the live show, Tony proceeded to mention names of influential businessmen who were involved in the scandal but remained free. Tony was hosted on the show weeks later and the interview went into the Anglo-Leasing matter yet again. That is what has Jeff in trouble.

The businessmen as it seems went to court to block Jeff Koinange from discussing the Anglo-Leasing scandal. The court heard that Jeff and Tony discussed details of the Anglo-Leasing despite getting orders stopping them from doing so. Jeff is taken aback at the ruling because according to him, he was never served with any court order stopping him from any discourse on the scandal. His ardent Twitter followers wanted to know of his whereabouts as rumours of him being in police custody stared spreading. He responded to a tweet by saying that he was ‘home safe.’ Miguna Miguna, Ahmednassir Abdullahi and a number of Jeff’s lawyer buddies have offered to represent him in court in case he is arraigned.

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