Here are 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Burundi’s Recent Failed Coup

Burundi attempted coup shocked the world as nothing of the sort was expected in the 21st century especially from a country that is still reeling from the 1995 to 2005 civil war. Below are a few facts that you didn’t known about Burundi’s failed coup.

1. The main instigator

The main instigator of the coup is Major General Godefroid Niyombare, former intelligence chief led the attempted overthrow of president Nkurunziza

2. Results

The failed coup triggered intense fighting that has pushed over 105,000 people to Tanzania

3. Greed

The failed coup was directly due to the announcement of third term in office which is a direct violation of the 2003 peace accords. Washington thinks he is greedy for seeking a third term

4. Facilitation

The coup was facilitated by the fact that he left the country for regional summit in Tanzania that ideally left a power vacuum

5. Control

There was a struggle to control the old national broadcaster to ensure that everyone in rural area got to listen in the happenings of capital

6. Mobile service access

Mobile access to social media sites was blocked temporarily; this was done in order to control protests that were being mobilized by society activitists

7. Government intervention

The coup was ideally facilitated by different arms of the government and a showdown between the president’s security forces and military

8. Army generals

So far 3 army generals arrested for the coup, two arrested hiding in a house while the third when he was trying to cross over Tanzania. The master mind Major General Godefroid Niyombare still remains remained at large

9. Extreme force

The ruling party and ideally the president have been accused by the UN for using extreme force on protesters who are against him running for a third term. This fact has also been echoed by some members of his own party causing a split in the party

10. Free speech

To silence free speech and opinion, protestors of the coup attacked four popular independent radio stations to ensure contrasting views were not aired and smoke is still seen days later emerging from the stations,

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