Marya’s New Boyfriend Proudly Speaks Out After Dumping His Wife And Two Kids And This Is What He Had To Say

Salma Mbuvi who is known to speak her mind did not spare Marya when he told her to get her own man as Kevin Mutisya was a married man. To ensure that the message came across she posted a photo of the man with her aunt on their wedding day and clearly it was him. Kenyans up in arms went on social media doing what they know best and trolled Marya for being a husband snatcher with majority coming together to speak on how Marya is looking for financial support and necessarily does not mind coming second since her music career is practically now dead.

However in all this Kevin kept silent. In a twist of events Marya’s boyfriend has finally spoken out, declaring his love for another woman other than his wife with whom they have two children.

In a photo he posted on social media with Marya in his arms, he seems to be a very happy man and nothing would separate him from the beautiful Marya. In the caption with the photo this is what he had to say:

With such statement made to all haters and concerned citizens it seems that Kevin Mutisya is a courageous man and will not be leaving Marya anytime soon. Question is for how long?

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