The Two Girls Thought To Have Escaped To Syria are Believed To be Still Be In Kenya

It seems that the two Kenyans girls, Salwa Abdalla and Twafiqa Dahir could still be in Kenya according to detectives. A phone that was used to send a message by Twafiqa claiming to be in Syria, was traced back to Nairobi Pangani area. The conclusion of the detectives was further backed up with claims that the two girls do not have ID cards and thus could not possible acquired any passports to leave the country. The issue of the two girls has taken the country by storm as many people are worried about radicalization of the youth to extremist groups that has left the country in distress over the recent massacres.

According to inside sources with information on the investigation, It is unknown whether they are in distress or they are there on their own volition, but it’s highly unlikely that they have left Kenya. The two 20 years old, Twafiqa a university of Nairobi student and Salwa, student at Kenyatta University disappeared from their homestead right after escorting siblings from madrassa classes. If confirmed to be have gone to Syria, the two will be the first cases of youths to have joined the ISIS terror group that is known to behead people on live television. At the moment however, Kenya’s criminal investigate division is trying to track down the phone to determine who really sent the message and if the girls are out of harm’s way.

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