This Is What Controversial Socialite Vera Sidika Had To Say About Her Pregnancy Claims

The internet nowadays is brimming with information. Unfortunately, a good percentage of this information is concocted and baseless. Last year a photo of a seemingly pregnant Vera Sidika conviniently surface online. This came as a shock to many fans as the bubbly curvaceous socialite had never mentioned a child in her life. Many kept asking where the baby was and whom the father could be but no answers were given.

Recently Vera decided to set things straight. She denied the allegations of ever being pregnant and claimed that the photo had been cleverly Photoshopped. The “Photoshopped” phrase has clearly been misused in some instances like when Sonko and Shebeshe’s photos surfaced. No one can be that good at Photoshop not even the creators of the software.

According to Vera, she has never been pregnant and she always uses protection during those intimate moments. However, she does confess that she hopes to be a mother one day and have some little ones of her own.

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