This Is The Surprising Reason Why Kenyan Musician Turned Playboy, Colonel Mustapha, Was Arrested


In what seems to be a strange string of coincidences colonel Mustapha has been arrested by the police at his door just as his Ex, Mrya is trending for all the wrong reasons. This time the musician’s arrest is due to someone’s wife. All this happened as he was on his way to release his new single, Dodoma Singida, at one fm. According to the Ogopa deejays who were there to accompany him to the radio station, one of the beautiful lasses he used in the video was a married woman and consent to shake her ass in the video was not given by the husband.

The husband who caught wind of the whole affair from a small teaser that was released by Mustapha on instagram was infuriated and disgusted. The instagram video had the caption “Personally, I could simply talk about change. I had to be part of it, so I spent my life living in hypocrisy, doing kawaida songs today marks the day I am unveiling the teaser of my video. A teaser of my new video. #DodomaSignida.”

With the husband feeling victimized and scandalized he decided to take action and save his name, as he is an influential man and release of the video would cause harm to his name.

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