Revealed: This Is The Worst Performing MP In Nairobi

worst-performing-mpKenyans time and again always seem to only meet their members of parliament when it is election season. They come in promising development and give citizens money, and when elected they vanish into thin air. However to curb this trend a website has come up with a smart way of keeping track of the number of times an MP speaks in parliament and the projects they are handling.

In a recent naming and shaming process by the website, Embakasi East MP John Ogutu emerged as the worst performing MP in Nairobi. Speaking only seven times since his election two years ago, he has been accused of not developing his constituency as there are no projects that can be seen running. Making matters worse the residents of Embakasi East do not even know where the CDF money located to the constituency goes to.

He has further been accused of only attending privately funded projects and fundraising events within his constituency. In the website the MP whose election was boosted by a manifesto, promised many development projects to help reduce crime rate due to unemployment. So far he has done nothing and the area he governs is still ranked among the highest crime rate areas in Nairobi.

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