This Is The Embarrassing Stunt That Has Made Controversial Socialite Huddah Monroe Bow Down Her Head In Shame And Go Into Hiding

It finally seems that Huddah Monroe has taken time off from social media and any public event after being caught red handed flossing with stolen photos. This lass had forgotten just how cruel people can be and her desire to floss about her high end lifestyle backfired on her face miserably after being exposed as a fraud.

Huddah who claimed to have held an invites only party in at Banana Island in Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria decided to share a caption of her lifestyle by sharing photos with her over 260,000 followers on instagram. Unfortunately unknown to her, someone had spotted the photos before decided to bash her. The stolen photos were of an assortment of expensive whiskey and the likes in which she claimed to be having a good time.

Apparently moments later it was apparent the photos belonged to an instagram user by the name @meggabillions entertainment who had posted them three weeks ago.

The stolen photos have since been deleted. However due to this event, it seems that Huddah Monroe has gone silent and hasn’t posted anything on her social media account for up to 6 weeks. Hopefully when she makes a comeback she would have learnt her lesson.

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