This Is The Real Reason Why Zambians Called Kenyan Prophet David Owour A Sorcerer


Well it seems that Zambians are a tough crowd to please based on the current behavior they portrayed. Hailed as one of the greatest Prophet in Kenya who seemingly does not ask shilling, it seems the good deeds in Kenya are only appreciated in Kenya and Nigeria. According to various sources, the prophets miracle work is too good to be true and thus Zambians came to the conclusion that it must be the work of the devil.

The prophet who is known for his various miracle works including healing the sick and praying for women to get marriage mates has finally faced a different crowd all together. Taking to twitter, a large crowd decided to take jabs at the man’s appearance, calling him unkempt and dirty, an individual still stuck at the era of John the Baptist. This revelation was followed by other rude comments that seemingly got worse as everyone decided to add the nastiest thoughts to the trending topic. Prophet owour who is still scheduled to hold a pastors meeting at Serenity Lodge and later a public crusade at woodlands stadium on Friday and Saturday has remained silent on the matter.

With this one wonders just how true the allegations are, for a fact no one knows where he gets his funding from as he doesn’t ask for contribution or the likes. Needless to say, Prophet Dr. David Owour has found himself in tricky territories and unlike Kenyans, the critics are ready to throw him out without giving him a chance and in translation avoid nasty traffic jam

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