This Is The Amazing Thing President Uhuru Kenyatta Did For The School Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Crying After Meeting Him

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Machakos County last week had a lot of talking points. Social media was awash with pictures of the president taking soda and kangumu at a regular kiosk. But that moment could not beat the one which the president was pictured with a schoolgirl from Komaranch Primary School who was in tears upon greeting the Head of State. The schoolgirl whose identity is unknown stole the hearts of many for her overwhelming reaction when she realised she was side by side with the country’s CEO. President Kenyatta apparently was touched by the gesture and he decided to reward the girl with a tour of the country’s most coveted house, State House.

The young one was given a tour inside the corridors of power and from the photos which have surfaced she looks thrilled even though she did not exhibit the same emotion as last Wednesday. The handlers of the president on social media have, however, been accused of seeking sympathy for the Jubilee government by using pictures which fuel propaganda that the president is humble and down-to-earth. This comes at a time when the president’s approval ratings have plummeted significantly.

Here are the photos:





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