10 Bizarre Reasons Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transition Into A Lady

The unveiling of Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn Jenner on the vanity magazine just a few days as a stunning woman at the age of 65 has caused quite a stir in media reports and social media networking. Though quite a load to process, many people all over the world are wondering just what drove him to make the switch. Well below are 10 bizarre reasons why Bruce Jenner transitioned to a lady.

1. Uncomfortable in own skin

Apparently it seems that the only most logical reason that Bruce Jenner made the transition of becoming a woman is simply because he felt he was uncomfortable in his own skin. From Jenner’s own admission it seems that he wanted to be a woman from the age of five and has been uncomfortable in a manly body throughout his life.

2. Keeping up with Kardashians

With his children trending for all the wrong reasons, it seems that he wanted to be accepted as a full blown member of Kardhasian family. Thus he made the switch to a woman to fit in

3. Social pressure

To be relevant in today’s industry, one has to give fans something to focus on. With him becoming a woman, it seems that he or is it she scored large and will be the center of attraction for a long while to come.

4. Boredom

Truly, many people will be shocked at what people do to kill the boredom. Looking at it, it seems that he wanted more than just to be associated with the 1976 Olympics.

5. Curiosity

It seems that in all, Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn was seemingly ever curious to know how it felt to be a woman. In the end, he got his wish and now feels how women feel

6. Beat Kris Jenner in limelight

In an interview, Bruce Jenner complained on how his marriage to Kris Jenner was a nightmare that lasted for 24 years. In transitioning from being a man to woman, Bruce gets ultimate revenge and finally away from the controlling hold of Kris Jenner

7. Publicity stunt

At the end of the day, Bruce Jenner is a business man and from the track record of the Kardhasian family, any kind of publicity is good publicity for business

8. Connect with his kids

Having reached the age of 65 years old, it seems that Bruce Jenner had nothing in common to share with his kids and felt like an outsider. Switching to a woman has made him closer to his kids for they finally have something in common; fame and controversy!

9. Get laid more often

Bruce Jenner made the switch to get laid more often. Apparently even though he has made his outward physical appearance change, he still has his manhood and is still attracted to women and thus expects to get more action between the sheets.

10. Dress better

Finally the last reason why he made the switch is because he always admired how women dress. In an interview, he admitted to having a closet full of designer women clothing even when being a man. Now he gets to dress up and show some skin with no hairy masculine disasters.

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