This Is How Deputy William Ruto Finally Admitted That He Owned Weston Hotel

Many Kenyans can still remember the Langata school land grabbing saga that saw children tear gassed by police, and how the whole saga died as fast as it sparked. Months later it seems that Kenyans will finally have an answer to who really was the powerful man behind public land grabbing.

In a one hour interview, DP William Ruto confessed to having interests at Weston Hotel, the hotel bordering the school claiming ownership to the land. This fact does not come as a surprise to many considering that it was obvious that the Jubilee government was quick to throw blames in circles and not solve the underlying issue. William Ruto further went on to blame another hotel, Airport hotel for all the mess and stating that it has different titles to the land.

In his defense,William Ruto has yet again claimed that his opponents are against him, trying to drag his name in mud as they are jealous of his political success. He went on to state that his name has not appeared in anything and he didn’t order development of any land that led to the fight between Kenya’s police and school children thus saying that him owning interests doesn’t mean he is corrupt.

Unfortunately his defense that it wasn’t him has become an irritating lullaby to Kenyans that no longer works. Recently he had been named in the Moi teaching and referral scandal that involves billions of shillings. With the case still pending in the ICC and his popularity rates falling,its time he comes up with hard proof to clear his name. At the end he is not the first man to be Kenya’s vice president!

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