Here Is A List Of High Profile Personalities Who Have Shown That They Have No Regard For Decency And Have Recently Brandished Guns On Social Media

Flaunting of guns seems to the new way to get attention in celebrity circles nowadays. In a country that few people access to licensed firearms, cases of celebrities and high profile personalities flashing guns on social media is on the upward trend. Mombasa rapper Cannibal has joined the growing list of gun totting celebs showing off their firearms. Pictures of him holding a rifle have circulated widely, given that he is the Coast’s finest artiste, people will no doubt be wagging their tongues about it.

Mike Sonko’s daughter was the latest person to show off a gun on social media, the Nairobi senator’s daughter bewildered many of her followers with the display. SONU chairperson Babu Owino is known for his flamboyant ways and flashing a gun during the heated SONU campaigns really got him attention in mainstream and social media.

Socialite Huddah Monroe is a licensed gun holder and posted pictures of herself with a firearm. Businessman Paul Kobia got himself into trouble with authorities after posting pictures of him carrying a shotgun. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has a brush with authorities after his bodyguards intimidatingly displayed their AK-47 rifles in public at the Lee Funeral Home where he had gone to view Fidel Odinga’s body. They were subsequently disarmed for misusing their guns.
Cannibal being a rapper may have torn a page off the book US rappers who are known to have gun incidents.

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