Here Is Millie Odhiambo Mabona’s Husband In Case You Had Any Doubts About Her Marriage To A Zimbabwean National

There is no other female MP who is as no-nonsense like Mbita MP Millie Mabona. She is known to be strong, opinionated and firm in the issues she believes in. Not since the days of former Gichugu MP has there been a hard tackler in the August House. She has been the subject of controversy not least when MPs fought in Parliament last year during the passage of the contentious security laws.

She has never shown a softer, lovey-dovey side to her until she revealed pictures of her and her husband locked in an embrace. Her husband, Mr. Mabona, a Zimbabwean has not been in the public eye and the MP has not been interested in showing him around or talking about him much despite being in the limelight. Her husband’s birthday set her on a celebratory mood and prompted her to display pictures of the two, they seem happy and content with each other. Her marriage has been a thorny issue whenever election time comes with her opponents keen to dismiss her marriage to an ‘outsider.’ But regardless, she has always sailed through to Parliament.

Here are the pictures:




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