These Are The Shameless Kenyans Who Use Bhang The Most In The Country

NACADA chair John Mututho who is at the centre of fighting drug abuse in Kenya has now come up with a damning report about Malindi youth. According to research, they are the highest abusers of bhang. A report containing the information was submitted to him last week, where it stated that bhang was heavily abused because hard drugs like heroin and cocaine were expensive. Hashish ranked second as the drug youth in the area indulged in. The NACADA chair expressed disappointment that authorities like the police were complicit in furthering the drug trade at the Coast. He said they were looking into the connection between drug barons, peddlers and the police in order to take action.

Plans to build two rehab centres at the Coast and central Kenya have been revealed by NACADA director Sheikh Ngao. The two regions face drug abuse concerns with central Kenya facing an alcoholism crisis among its youth and the Coast’s drug issues are well-documented.

Politicians have been associated of the illicit trade. Kilifi County Education Board chair Prof. Gabriel Katana blamed local leaders for giving youth money for drugs in return for their availability in political rallies.

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