This Is Why Safaricom’s Bob Collymore Hates Kenyan Food And This Is What He Prefers Instead

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was ruthlessly attacked by Kenyans online for admitting that he does not fancy Kenyan food. Already Safaricom has had itself upstaged by Kenyans on online platforms several times and this time the main man is getting the heat. He made his remarks on KTN’s weekly segment ‘Person of Interest.’ He confessed that his diet preferences lie with Chinese and Indian cuisine.

During the interview, he was queried about his favorite food. At first, he vaguely answered that he likes free food. The presenter Sophia Wanuna then proposed to him a meal of ugali- matumbo and spinach which Bob turned down. He bluntly said that he does not like Kenyan food that much, the delicacies just don’t work for him. Asian cuisine is his favourite and that has piqued a lot of Kenyans who took the opportunity to hail criticism and disapproval of Kenya’s biggest network Safaricom. Some of the comments were hilarious with one saying that they don’t love Safaricom but endure it and advised Bob Collymore to do the same for Kenyan food. They added that Safaricom is more painful to endure than the Kenyan food Bob hates.

Here is the interview courtesy of KTN

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