These Are The High Flying NTV Presenters Who Were Shown The Door Very Recently

When Popular TV presenter Anitas photos hit social media, team mafisi had the opportunity to feast on the hot body without being reprimanded. However with this happening it seems that it cost the sassy lass her job as she is no longer with NTV. With the fact that she is supposed to be a role model and should present NTV in modesty, she has been given the axe. When asked to confirm the rumors, the stunning presenter was quick to deny them stating she left the media house out of respect from them.

In a statement she said”


However with all this and stating that she will soon be in another media house it seems that it might all be true and she was fired, as what could be the reason behind moving to another media house if she was not fired.
In another twist of events a TV siren Zuena Kirema who happens to be Bebe Cool’s wife has left NTV. The TV siren used to do life stories on individuals from diverse backgrounds and is moving on to greater things.

Below is her statement on why she is leaving the station


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