This Is How Tony Gachoka Found Himself Spending The Night In A Very Cold Jail Cell

When Jeff Koinange and Tony gachoka were arrested a few days ago, Kenyans thought that the justice system was going soft on the parties when a fine of 2 million was imposed. However in an interesting turn of events it seems that the fine was way too much for one tony Gachoka, a well-known businessman who loves to talk big. It just appears that the businessman is not as wealthy as he wants people to think. His talk about his success in his large business conquests could be a lie for all we know.

However with his “powerful” lawyers at his side he was able to appeal his case and has since been released from prison by the orders of high court judge Weldon korir. In this regard Tony Gachoka will be a free man until his appeal on the case will be heard. The businessman may just have learned his lesson, as he cannot compete with Jeff Koinange who has no problem buying a painting worth a million shillings.

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