This Is One Of The Strangest Reasons Which Kenyans Have Come Up With To Explain Murimi Wa Kahalf’s (Ino Ni Momo Singer) Untimely Death

Since Thursday when Kenya received the untimely news of the death of Murimi wa kahalf known for his hit single ‘Ino Ni Momo’ speculation has risen about the cause of his death. Having been a relatively healthy lad, the only simple explanation for the untimely death was intertwined with witch craft, a phenomenal that is unfortunately quite common in Kenya.

However recent reports are showing that Murimi actually predicted his own death. Looking at his social media facebook account, many would understand why the conclusion is plausible. In one of his bible verses quotes posted on May 26, Murimi went on to state


With this many people are becoming increasingly convinced that he knew about his death. Regardless, in everything this whole affair involving his death is just weird.

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