This Is What Classic 105’s Maina Kageni Had To Say About Willy Paul After He Failed To Win Any Award At The Groove Awards Ceremony

At the moment the just concluded groove awards ceremony that was held at kasarani stadium is the talk of the town. Mainly talked are the two most talented musicians that seem to be competing with one another, Willy Paul and Kevin Bahati. However in a crazy twist of events, Kevin bahati bagged 4 awards while his counterpart walked away with nothing to show for his efforts. Due to this, Maina Kageni is an unhappy man

On his radio show, Maina kageni went ahead to talk about his disappointment claiming that Willy Paul deserved one of the awards. He went on to say that Willy Paul was an extremely talented musician and that he not winning any of the awards is simply unfair. To add salt to the injury, Mwalimu King’ag’i decided to poke fun at the whole issue, claiming that the only way he can win is to make a collabo with Bahati.

In all this it is a fact that Willy Paul is talented, however many would agree with the fact that if he indeed wants to win another award he simply has to stop all the controversies.

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