Huddah Realizes Her Career Is Over And Pulls This Crazy Desperate Stunt To Get A Man To Marry Her

When one thinks of Huddah Monroe, the first thing that comes to mind is the socialite who likes to travel, spend big, and show off her God given assets. Fact is, she has never been known to have held any formal job, however though, she does has many “sponsors” who don’t mind paying for it all. With days going by so fast, the realization that she has become old and boring has caught up with her as it did Vera. In a desperate attempt to get the big final sponsor, she posted a photo on Instagram purporting that she is engaged and ready to settle down.

This way Team Mafisi will be able to see her in a new light, as a bad girl gone good. Being good means she will be able to settle, handle a relationship and finally get married. However, She has a lot to work on since this will not fool anyone. Posting a picture of a man looking down on her IG account before taking it down does seem suspicious but it does prove that someone is willing to look past her socialite life and make her a wife.

In this case Kenyans will have to wait and see if she will indeed get married or just keep at the games until menopause gives her a revelation.

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