This Is How Police Officers Were Caught Busy Stealing For 6 Hours During A Counterfeit Good Swoop At A Loresho Home

30 police officers were sent to search for counterfeit goods at Anne Nyokabi’s loresho house, a lady who was suspected to be harboring counterfeit products worth millions of shillings. Instead of sticking to their mission some decided to grab everything and anything valuable they could get their hands on. CCTV footage aired by Citizen TV showed the officers emptying handbags and stashing items in paper bags in an operation which lasted more than 6 hours. So intense and shameless was the looting operation that a confrontation ensues between a junior and senior officer who tries to reprimand him. However the junior officer is unmoved and impassive and goes on with the looting spree. Earlier on, on June 4th, police officers had raided Ann’s house where they had siezed some counterfeit goods. This was following a good tipoff from the public.

Ann claims that she lost all her foreign currency, her golden ornaments, watches and her expensive mobile phones during the looting spree.
The owner of the house later reported the matter to the spring valley police station where administration police spokesman Masoud Mwinyi went on record saying that the matter will be treated as a criminal offence. All the officers who were caught stealing live on camera will be treated as thieves since this is tarnishing the good name of their institution.

Here is the video of how the looting took place courtesy of Citizen TV:

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