This Is How Nyeri Women Are Now Cutting Off Their Husband’s Private Parts


It seems there is a new frenzy in town that is ideally echoed by Nyeri women in which men are crying foul. This frenzy sees women cutting off their husband’s manhood after a disagreement that has finally elicited a cry out from the Maendeleo ya Wanaume chairperson Nderiti Njoka. In a statement to the media Nderitu sentiments come after a second woman chopped off her husband’s manhood after disagreement over sh.5000.

This arrest is just 5 hours after the prosecution of a woman who chopped off her husband’s stash last Thursday. The woman who is being detained at Nyeri central police station was arrested at Game Rock area in Nyeri County the morning after. In a continued statement, Nderiti Njoka blamed these incidences on the Governments laxity of dealing with violence against women. He further went on to state that a rehabilitation centre is being built at Muruguru area to address the issue head on before it spirals out of control.

Before then it seems that any man in Nyeri who has had a disagreement with his wife should sleep with his package under protection to avoid dismemberment.

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