This Is How Overweight Police Officers Have Become In Kenya Despite Their Perceived Low Salaries

Kinyanjui The Reporter from NTV has just dropped another hot one on social media after highlighting the cases of overweight officers. In his report filled with satire, how each and every country in the world has one that has a protruding potbelly to the point that they can’t see their feet, let alone their pants.

In a situation that is known to be very common in Kenya, one wonders how they get to be that large; pointing to the fact that it must be the good salary. Knowing Kenyans and how incredibly poorly Kenyan police officers are paid, one is left to draw conclusions on where they get the money to fill them up so much that their clothes are busting out of their seems.

In his report, Kinyanjui highlights the fact that it is these same police officers citizens go to for help and expect them to chase the culprits for save return of their property. But then again, how can they if getting off their seat without panting is a problem. Either way many would agree with the fact that they should either lose the weight of get fired!

Here is the video:

Kinyanjui The Reporter's perspective on Overweight policemen

Posted by NTV Kenya on Tuesday, 9 June 2015

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