Here Is The Maasai Moran Warrior Who Has Made An Offer 10 Times Better Than That Of Lawyer Felix Matagei, For Obama’s Daughter

US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya in July for the Global Entrepreneur Summit is beginning to get overshadowed as his daughter Malia is has been thrown into the spotlight. Malia is the subject of now two proposals. The most powerful man on earth has to contend with suitors for his daughter once he lands in Kenya. Jeff Ole Kishau is the latest man to make his intentions clear and his offer trumps that of Lawyer Felix Kiprono 10 times. The moran from Narok will offer 500 cows for Malia’s hand in marriage.

Felix Kiprono stole the headlines by being the first to show interest in Malia but his momentum has since faded and even worse another woman, Ann Kioko came by to tell the nation that she fancies him. Assuming that Kiprono is being occupied by a Ms. Kioko, Jeff Ole Kishau has stepped up and has even said the 500 cows he wants to offer as dowry can be transacted through money. As if that is not enough, the 24 year old moran is willing to sacrifice his vast land interests in places like Suswa and Kedong to have Malia’s hand in marriage. He said he tried in vain to use social media platforms to reach Malia Obama but now that he got a media opportunity, he announced his interest. He wants to meet President Obama together with Maasai elders for the marriage plans to be discussed. He has one message for the US president: He will take good care of his daughter once he gets the opportunity to marry her.

It has now become commonplace for US presidents’ daughters to stir up interest in Kenyan men as former President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was proposed to a few years ago.

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