This Is The Massive Surprise KTN Will Be Giving Its Viewers In Two Weeks

KTN is breaking new ground yet again. June 26th 2015, is the date set for history to be made as the premier broadcasting station in Kenya is launching a sister TV station. Exclusive word is that the station, whose name is still under lock and key, will be airing current affairs as KTN itself airs the normal programing. To make it clear to those rubbing their hands in anticipation for the new station, shows such as Jeff Koinange Live dissect national and current issues are to be televised on the new station. Popular programs like Mshamba, Jalang’o with the money and soap operas will continue airing on KTN as we know it. The only similarity they will have is Prime time news will be showing at the same time.

This is a smart move given the blessings digital migration has left in its wake, it has created an infinite space for content creation and KTN will be looking to exhaust it. It is a smart move also given that the present-day viewer has evolved and wants information customised to their needs and will watch only what is relevant to their tastes, liking and preference. So for those who are tired of endless soap operas and Nigerian films, they have a station they can tune into for insight into current affairs and emerging issues. How ironic, on such a day in February, KTN was one of the stations with blank screens as it fought unsuccessfully tooth and nail together with others against digital migration.

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