These Are The Evil Despicable Things That Are Going On In Umoinner Buses For Those Who May Be Unaware

Umoinner buses are in the spotlight once again after it emerged that passengers have been robed in their fleet. A particular incident has been captured on camera and highlighted by Robert Alai showing a passenger on board one of their buses looking confused and far gone after she had been robbed of her belongings. This incident could be the explanation of why so many people recently have reported loss of their possessions in matatus after being drugged and could not quite account for all their movements. They forget at what point they were robbed and who did it. They forget what happened and their cases are stuck in the mud.

The passenger of the Umoinner bus was out for long and that is when fellow passengers noticed something was amiss. She could have been passing off as a sleeping passenger but when she awoke, it was clear she had been drugged. This is a cautionary tale to all those who board matatus to be careful of those they sit next to, not to accept close contact or extension of friendship. Also, vividly displaying one’s property like a laptop or phone could make you an easy target as most of those who are stolen from report missing gadgets.

Here are the photos:

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11059445_883563658370562_7474628035257352253_n - Copy

11258304_883563668370561_7826316228628751721_n - Copy

ump_onner_cover - Copy

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