This Is Why Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Has Been Invited To The London School Of Economics To Give A Lecture

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is to give a lecture to Kenyan students at the London School of Economics. This was known from a tweet the senator posted. He may have been invited because of his business acumen given that he has interest in Real Estate, land, transport and other dealings the media manages to get a hold of. The way he has managed to sustain Sonko Rescue Team with lavish vehicles and facilities could count for a lecture at such an esteemed institution. The senator expressed his gratitude at the opportunity to lecture abroad, something associated with the likes of CORD leader Raila Odinga.

His antics aside, Sonko is seen as a man of the people and the invitation cements that notion. His activities still garner controversy especially from the so-called middle class. They do not approve of his leadership style and turn their noses up at the mention of his name. Oxymoronically, Sonko is going to lecture The London School of Economics and Political Sciences is filled with children, relatives and friends of those middle-class fellows. What comes out of the lecture will surely be made known to you here.

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