This Is Just How Wealthy The Young Man Who Owns The Ridiculously Expensive Porsche Is

A Sh. 15 million pre-wedding, a Sh 30 million car and choppers all around, all Kenyans would dream to have an iota of such a lifestyle. This is the way of living of one Jared Otieno. The young man from Ndhiwa has been making news over his luxurious lifestyle and free spending. His fiancée Kendi Mwiti was handed to him by her father when a fleet of helicopters shocked Ndhiwa into silence during the scheduled pre-wedding rituals.

Kendi’s father, Dr. Mwiti is politically connected and would no doubt be proud that his daughter is about to get married to a man of means. Jared later gave Kendi the keys to a six bedroom palatial house signifying their transition into marriage. To ladies’ eyes Kendi is the luckiest lady in Kenya as she looks to fulfil a dream wedding. Jared is in another league of Kenyans living on the fast lane.

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