This Is Why 54 Year Old CBK Nominee Mr. Patrick Ngugi Is Not Married Even Though Society Expects Him To Be

The nominee for governorship of the Central Bank of Kenya was taken to task by MPs on his marital status. Appearing before the vetting committee, 54 year old Mr. Patrick Ngugi has to answer why he has never been married. In the Kenyan, leave alone African context, a man his age would be expected to be married with several children. The Central Bank nominee replied that he was unmarried by choice. His accomplishments and vast experience aside, the bachelorhood of Mr. Ngugi is likely to spark conversations in the public space on the institution of marriage.

He is expected to head the Central Bank of Kenya after the seat was vacated by Njuguna Ndung’u. His nomination itself was a talking point with the president accused of favoring his ethnic group. He comes in at a time when the Kenyan shilling is struggling against the dollar with the short-term economic prospects of the country looking shaky.

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