Here Are 10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About The German Al-Shabab Who Has A 10 Million Bounty Hanging Over His Head

On Sunday, there was an Al-Shabaab attack on a military base in Lamu County. What is shocking is that radicalized European nationals led the attack on the anniversary of the deadly Mpeketoni attack in June 2014. One of them was shot dead and unmasked as a British national. Now, authorities have issued a Sh. 10 million bounty for the other who is a German. Little is known of the German by the masses luckily, you read it here first;

1. His name

His real name is Andreas Martin Muller before he was radicalized.

2. Where he was born

He was born in the West German state of North-Rhine Westphalia

3. When did he convert to islam

He converted to Islam in 1999.

4. His alias

His alias in Al- Shabab is Abu Nusaybah but he was formerly known as Ahmed Khaled Mueller.

5. Attacks

He was the mastermind of the Sunday Lamu attack.

6. Residence

He stayed in neighbouring Uganda for a while where he was also a wanted terrorist.

7. Arrest

He was arrested in Pakistan in 2009 as a suspected Taliban sympathizer.

8. Leaving Germany

In 2011, he left Germany for Kenya after unsuccessfully trying to emigrate to Bosnia and UAE.

9. Living in kenya

He has been on the Kenyan Government watch list since 2011.

10. Radicalization

It is said he began being radicalized in Germany when he met some Muslims at a sports club in 1998.

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